Kohola Mele: Song with the Humpback Whales is a very unique musical composition and one that is close to my heart. Mahalo for the opportunity to present this composition to you!
I was inspired to believe that through music, we could reach more people to experience and have more reverence and respect for the whales and our ocean.

This mele features the recorded humpback whales voices of 2020 interwoven with the song that I composed to accompany them. Ocean and whale advocates that have been given a preview of the music have expressed positive feedback after listening to the piece.
In the opening 3 minutes of the mele, the listener is transported into the whales undersea peaceful world while my flute and Charles Fletcher on Bass call back and forth with their enchanting voices.
A rising cymbal denotes their rise for a breath. The instruments join to usher us into their world as we take delight in accompanying their journey, glimpsing their magestic spirits moving through the waters.

Personal Background:
I have been studying and listening to these amazing spirits for over 25 years on Maui.
My captivation with whales began in 1969 when I joined Save the Whales Foundation and gave educational talks at universities regarding them.