Flute Lessons by Award Winning Artist Marilyn Allysum

Marilyn Allysum Flute Mauilotus Concert

Music lessons: Flute

I’m accepting a limited number of Flute students for private lessons at my studio and Online.

The music we focus on will vary depending on the student’s interest and experience.

My students will benefit from also learning a special series of Qigong Internal Systems Exercises that will enhance their tone quality, wrist and finger flexibility and breath endurance.

Many players who have heard me play express a desire to explore their own music creativity and wonder what steps to take toward gaining proficiency in the art of improvisation.

Lessons will include instruction and refinement in the following areas:

  • tone quality
  • pitch
  • embouchure
  • dynamics
  • lyric phrasing
  • creating original melodies
  • timing and rhythmic structure
  • ear training
  • reading music skills
  • music interpretation
  • music theory


Email me: mauilotus.music@gmail.com

Include your contact information & cell phone.