Press and Critical Acclaim


The marilyn allysum group


WORLD MUSIC - MauiLotus: The Marilyn Allysum Group creates music that is hard to categorize but easy to like, combining world folk, jazz, chamber classical and new-age elements. Allysum is the focal point, playing piano, flutes and Chinese harp, and adding synthesizer and vocal exotica on the new CD “Visions of Unity.” David Wolfe, her co-star on and offstage, gives the band its unique character, taking his santoor (a Persian harp) on new territorial excursions. Charles Fletcher adds lyrical electric bass and Mike Hurley plays all sorts of cool percussion.These global mind-trippers even get close to pop on their new track “The Coolness Within.”      Tom Surowicz


"The group's blending of Eastern and Western musical traditions and instruments yields intricate rhythmic patterns, lovely melodies - Music that flashes with colors, like a prism spinning in the Sun..."  Minneapolis Star Tribune


''Your music sounds wonderful."  - Bob Jones, Kool Jazz Festival


"Before "New Age" Music became a buzzword for fusion, world folk amalgams, or music for poltergeists, these instrumentalists were playing original music with depth, innovation and a diverse global vocabulary of instruments."  -  Martin Keller City Pages


"Highly accomplished musicians who create music that is at once original and accessible. This is an exciting, dynamic group of artists who have much to offer the music world."...-Rob Moore, Program Director, - Breeze Network


"Eclectic, fused jazz and folk music with interesting instrumentation and Whole World

implications."  - St. Paul Pioneer Press.


A delightful experience of original music transcending existing labels." - Richard Shulik, New England Journal


"This cadre of contemporary jazz artists mesh their own work with a creative style and

spark that reassures audiences that intelligent original composing is being done in the

Twin Cities."  - Twin Cities Reader


"A New Music that is compelling, logical, and spontaneous."  - Emory University, Atlanta, GA


"A thousand streams of light emanating into sound."   - St. John's University, Collegeville, MN