Mauilotus is a group of musicians whose sound is unique in modern music, influenced by the musical traditions of the east and west alike. They play with an advanced rhythmic and harmonic platform; that blends improvising with real and powerful dynamics. Their eclectic music weaves the sounds of many cultures transcending jazz, world-music, into a Global statement. Members of the group include; Marilyn Allysum – Flute – Piano – Gu Zheng – Vocals, Charles Fletcher – Bass Guitars, Mike Hurley – Drums and Percussion, David Wolfe – Santoor, (Persian Harp). Award Winning Original Music!

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Click on Photo of Whale to link to KOHOLA MELE (Song with the Humpback Whales) __and Purchase Download....Kohola Mele” is a captivating and enchanting piece of music created by the world music group Mauilotus. Inspired by the majestic beauty and grace of the humpback whales, this composition is a tribute to these magnificent creatures and their hauntingly beautiful songs. With its ethereal vocals, soothing melodies, and mesmerizing rhythms, "Kohola Mele" transports listeners to the peaceful depths of the ocean, where they can connect with the gentle giants of the sea. This piece was featured by Whaletrust Maui, an organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of humpback whales and their habitat.

Your Music Sounds Wonderful! ”

— Bob Jones Kool Jazz Festival

SRO Performances

Mauilotus in Concert Minneapolis October 6, 2018

The group's blending of Eastern and Western musical traditions and instruments yields intricate rhythmic patterns, lovely melodies...Music that flashes with colors, like a prism spinning in the Sun. ”

— Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mauilotus Marilyn Allysum Piano - Charles Fletcher Bass Guitar

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